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Vauxhall Insignia 2.0 CDTi DPF Removal - now available from £350.

For last few years Insignia has been a frequent patient in our garage. In our opinion - a very good car, affected by a very badly designed DPF system destroying otherwise very good reliability of the 2.0 litre diesel. As most other cars, Insignia's also have problems with the EGR valve and intake manifold swirl. We can deal with all of them with our unique, permanent way!


What can we do for your car? Basic option is to just remove the DPF - it will take about 4 hours, and the job leaves no visible signs. We guarantee no more regenerations, which dump diesel into engine oil and put a huge strain on the engine, especially injectors and the turbo. Additional 50 pounds gets the EGR valve closed, meaning engine running much cleaner and, for the price of cleaning the valve, no more problems with it - ever. We can also increase performance with a custom power tune and deactivate the intake manifold swirl...

After the job is complete you can enjoy better power, MPG and will have MUCH less problems with the engine!

VW, Audi, Skoda, SEAT - 1.6 TDI engine software solutions for DPF, EGR and the latest recall / software update related problems.

1.6 TDI is another popular engine we often deal with. Main problems are the EGR valve and the DPF blocking up as early as 30k miles (!!!). Excessive regeneration also leads to injector failure, even with very low mileage cars. Lately we get a lot of customers, whose cars run very badly after the recent sofware update - after the emissions scandal recall. The cars seem to almost permanently regenerate the DPF and suffer from failing EGR valves, also leading to turbo and injector problems.

As usual, within a matter of hours we can completely transform the car and make it run better than ever before. We normally suggest the DPF removal and dealing with the EGR valve at the same time. Result - car runs much smoother without the nasty regeneration process, uses less fuel and doesn't go into a super slow limp mode... Plus a much improved lifespan for the injectors and turbo. While on it -with a custom ECU remap we can safely get about 30 BHP's extra as a bonus! Prices start from 380 pounds for the complete DPF removal service.



Vauxhall Insignia 2.0 CDTi - DPF Removal Service - from £400!

We have a fully tested solution for deactivating the DPF system on a Vauxhall Insignia - so as with all other cars we offer a 100% guaranteed removal service!

VW 1.6 TDI DPF & EGR Delete, also software upgrade problems remedy!

ECU remapping, DPF removal, EGR off and more for the popular VAG 1.6 TDI engine!