Welcome to OMG! Performance

The home of 100% custom ECU remapping / DPF Removal / DPF Emulator / Tuning Boxes and more!

At OMG! Performance we are passionate about everything to do with the electronics and software of modern cars, and specialise in ECU remaps dealing with the biggest problems of newer cars - diesel particulate filters, EGR valves, AdBlue etc.

Why choose us? Mainly for our experience and dedication - we started dealing with particulate filter problems as one of the first in the UK (as early as 2010), and our knowledge, equipment and commitment are now second to none. We started the business by coming up with a DPF emulator, which we sell to this day. In last few years we concentrated on software solutions for virtually any modern diesel. We pride ourselves on doing highest quality maps in-house and always doing a fully customised software job for every single car. We like challenges and constantly work on new products so if you're looking for something that's not listed here- just give us a ring, we're happy to help!

Based in Langley, just off the M4, we also offer our remaps via a network of garages, and can offer mobile service in some areas.


Some of our most popular products and services:


DPF Removal & Deactivation for any car on the market, EGR closing and deactivation and more...



Simple or complicated, for small and big problems- clever devices to sort expensive problems. Bestseller- MAZDA and other Denso ECU's DPF emulator.


ECU Remapping - Chip Tuning

More power, more economy, a bit of both? We can make it happen with a dedicated, custom remap!



Without losing warranty for the car- plug and play power & economy!



Vauxhall Insignia 2.0 CDTi - DPF Removal Service - from £400!

We can completely remove and deativate the troublesome DPF system in any Vauxhall Insignia, as well as deal with the EGR valve and intake manifold swirl to ensure no more problems!


VW 1.6 TDI DPF & EGR Delete, also software upgrade problems remedy!

Complete DPF and EGR deactivation and removal service for all 1.6 TDI equipped cars, and while on it we can also deal with some nasty problems caused by the latest recall / software update.