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DPF emulators for any car on the market!


What is an emulator? In this case it is a device that imitates (emulates) another device. In many cases they are the best and most cost effective solution. Instead of modyfing car's software- you can install a plug & play emulator. For example, instead of replacing costly seat occupancy sensor for you air bags- you can fit an emulator that will act as a fully working sensor. When it comes to particulate filters, in many cases emulators are the only way to deal with the problem, as well as the safest- without modyfing car's software.

We can offer all sorts of emulators- airbag, DPF/FAP, lamba sond etc. All of them are custom made & programmed using our software, as well as weatherproof and come with at least 1 year warranty. Also, futureproof - most of the emulators can be send to us for a free update if need be.

More about our DPF emulator:

- programmable (so can be updated if need be)

- weatherproof

- can be programmed to work with virtually any ECU- Bosch, Denso, Siemens, Marelli etc.

- temperature sensors in the car can also be emulated in many cases (Mazda for example)

- guaranteed no white smoke, regeneration cycles, warning lights- it just works!

OMG Performance DPF emulator is sold in over ten countries now- inluding Australia, USA, Sri Lanka and most of Europe!

If you're interested in fitting our DPF emulators outside UK- please contact us for our T&C's and prices.

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Vauxhall Insignia 2.0 CDTi - DPF Removal Service - from £400!

We have a fully tested solution for deactivating the DPF system on a Vauxhall Insignia - so as with all other cars we offer a 100% guaranteed removal service!

Jaguar S-Type, XF, XJ 2.7d and 3.0d - DPF Removal from £400!

Complete DPF deactivation and removal service - for all Jaguar models, including the latest XF 3.0 turbo diesel. We also offer EGR deactivation for all Jaguars.