Tuning Boxes

Plug and play devices- a quickest way to increase the power in your car- WITHOUT LOSING WARRANTY!

We've got boxes for all of the modern turbo diesels- so if you're after up to 30% extra power in a convenient and safe form- our tuning boxes are just what you need.

OMG! Performance tuning boxes come pre-set with otimal setting, however we give you an option (and a manual) to change those settings- increase power or economy by simple regulation of the box.

You get the whole system- with instructions on fitting and OEM cables, so you can enjoy extra power 10 minutes after getting a package from us!

Advantages of our tuning boxes:

- more power and torque in minutes!

- great value

- transferable from one car to another (with the same engine)

- pre -set with optimal settings for your car

- self adjusting, with RPM detection

- high power CPU to guarantee fast reactions

- safest way of increasing power.





Vauxhall Insignia 2.0 CDTi - DPF Removal Service - from £400!

We have a fully tested solution for deactivating the DPF system on a Vauxhall Insignia - so as with all other cars we offer a 100% guaranteed removal service!

Jaguar S-Type, XF, XJ 2.7d and 3.0d - DPF Removal from £400!

Complete DPF deactivation and removal service - for all Jaguar models, including the latest XF 3.0 turbo diesel. We also offer EGR deactivation for all Jaguars.